Cognitive Upgrade – A Framework for Maximizing Potential and Performance!

Cognitive Upgrade (C-Up) captures success through cognitive (thinking and learning) power. Possessing mental strength helps us focus on what we can do, versus what we can’t. We gain the confidence needed to overcome obstacles and accomplish goals. A Cognitive Upgrade leads to a desired state of mind that maximizes potential and performance. It requires a different kind of thinking and knowing, one that shifts our perception from a lifeless “no” to a compelling “yes!”

Why is it called “Cognitive Upgrade“? The word “upgrade” is defined as raising something to a higher standard. We upgrade nearly everything in life – cell phones, cars, houses, shoes, clothes, jobs, jewelry, furniture, and etc. So why not a Cognitive Upgrade? A Cognitive Upgrade raises our thoughts, potential, and performance to a higher standard so that we can experience greater success. Sometimes our lack of success is self-imposed. Our breakthrough experience comes when mental blocks are replaced by mental aids. These mental aids are essential components of a Cognitive Upgrade. They include Beliefs and ExpectationsMotivation and ActionCompetence and Problem-SolvingCompetition and Innovation, and Persistence and Resilience. To transform student outcomes, these principles must become a potent force in schools, districts, and institutions.

Principles that Propel Us Forward

  • C-Up 1: Beliefs and Expectations
  • C-Up 2: Motivation and Action
  • C-Up 3: Competence and Problem-Solving
  • C-Up 4: Competition and Innovation
  • C-Up 5: Persistence and Resilience

*Which one of these principles resonates with you most?

Uniqueness of the Framework

  • Help for Me and Help for You Effect
    What works for us can be facilitated in others
  • Cognitive Power Includes Mental and Physical Practice
    Both enhance capacity
  • Maximize Potential and Performance
    A desired state of mind that is fearless and goal-driven
  • Whole Child Approach
    Humanizing teaching and learning – students before content

Cognitive Upgrade

Cognitive Upgrade fosters a deeper meaning and purpose for life by elevating consciousness, unlocking true potential, and increasing performance – all of which fuel the drive to succeed. The framework supports the whole child by addressing students’ comprehensive needs to ensure their long-term academic and personal success. This innovative framework is designed to transform practices, mindsets, and pedagogical spaces in schools. 

Book Preview

This book equips educators, parents, and students with strategies and techniques for turning potential into progress, progress into performance, and performance into success. Common traits of high-performing people are those who believe in their potential, set high expectations, and exert great effort towards attaining their goals. To learn more about the C-Up framework or to request a workshop, click here. C-Up and boost your performance today!