I wanted to share with you that your vision is moving at our school! Since we last spoke, I have been focusing on nonfiction reading and writing and telling my students that they can’t leave middle school without writing a decent essay! THEY ARE WAKING up! At Saturday school I am teaching over 100 students the boxes and bullets strategy that you shared. I am asking them the following: How many of you have the answer to the question the teachers are asking you? All of their hands go up! Then I ask, “How many of you struggle with getting all of your thoughts down on paper?” ALL THE HANDS stay up! Hence, the need for boxes and bullets. I have shared this with my read 180 teacher and two resource teachers and I have been encouraging others teachers to do this in their classes. We must plan a date in February for you to come to my campus! I hope you know you taught me a lot and you have kept me focused on doing the right things to get our kids ready for the Common Core. You rock! Blessings to you!
Principal, Compton Unified School District

Hello Acacia, 
My name is Gilda and I attended your CSUDH Common Core Workshop in August. My colleagues and I have been visiting your website and using many of the resources available. I wanted to thank you for creating this website in which we can find pretty much anything we might be looking for related to CCSS. Again, thank you for your awesome presentation at CSUDH and for the plethora of resources available at your site! 
Elementary Teacher, Los Angeles Unified School District

Hi Acacia,
Wow – you rock! Thanks so much for putting all the Common Core resources together. I shared your work with my department and they really, really loved it. Those that were skeptical about having teachers write performance tasks really came around and got on board. I hope to put together a process and trainings so that we can try to get this work going here in San Mateo County. We’re thinking of piloting it with a group of teachers who will meet with us monthly and then rolling it out as a service we offer if it works out well. This is all due to your great work. Keep spreading the word! Would you consider switching jobs for this year? Do you have any interest in moving to the Bay Area? After I shared all of your work with my boss she wanted to offer you a job! In all seriousness, if you ever were moving in this direction, look me up! 
Coordinator, San Mateo County Office of Education

Hi Acacia,
I just wanted to say it was such a pleasure to  meet you at the STEAM Conference. I was so glad I scheduled myself to be in your session. To hear some of your frustrations really helped me to realize that even though there are a lot of people out there not willing to help, we continue to find rays of sunshine like yourself that just help make everything better. Please continue to build our future teachers to become more like you, we definitely need more teamwork in this field. If you ever need a partner school for observation hours or things like that, I will definitely be willing to help you out.  Thanks again for your willingness to share your work and for the great book. I’m almost done and now I have a few pages to share with my staff during our PD. Good luck with book #2!
Principal, Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District, California 

You blessed me beyond words, and your experiences and wisdom pried my mind open to learn and relearn, set higher goals and seek greater understanding. I will try the lessons and involve my 3 children to benefit from your book as well. Thank you very much. I will check in with the Shoah Foundation at USC on that field trip opportunity. Bless you as you increase your positive impact on society. 
P.S. I need an autographed copy of your book!
President, The Rwandan Community of California

​I introduced your website and book to a group of 25 teachers in a professional development workshop today. I would love an autographed copy and would share the other with a friend. Thanks much!
​Educator, Sequoia Schools, Arizona

Hi Acacia,
​I just want to say thank you for sharing the wonderful resources in the PBL Google folder! I am excited to use them this year! Thank you!
Teacher, Cascade Union Elementary School District, California 

Dear Dr. Warren,
I have just finished a book study with “Project Based Learning Across the Disciplines” through the auspices of our local Community College (offered as a professional development opportunity through our school system) and I am absolutely gobsmacked. 

I thought I was past the point in my career (twenty years in the classroom) where anything could change the way I think about teaching, but your book has made a new man of me. I teach Mythology, and my first +1P unit plan is for a living history sequence where the students will research one of their own ancestors and create a first-person narrative from their ancestor’s point of view, after which they will bring that person to life for their classmates in a five-minute oral presentation with visual support; peer and instructor feedback to follow. I cannot WAIT to try this out with my students – I know they are going to love every minute! 

I have just begun doctoral classes, and very little of what I am reading comes anywhere close to the level of scholarship or quality of writing shown in your marvelous book. You have made a real difference in my life and in my career and I am sure you will for many, many more.

In this senior part of my career, when so many of my colleagues are experiencing burnout, fatigue, etc., I will be entering the classroom this year with a new skill set, a new outlook, and unprecedented vitality. I can’t thank you enough. May the gifts you have given to others return to you a thousand times over.
Teacher, Warren County Public Schools, Virginia

Hi Acacia,
We met on Saturday at your presentation, I’m the one from Montreal that kept you a little longer. You truly practice what you preach, in that you are all about sharing for the greater good. Again, thank you so much. Your workshop will be a game changer for me and my colleagues. I will save so much time and have already thought of some more uses for the Google forms. I’ve been using forms for years but you have really inspired me to think of ways to uses these tools in a different way that will ease the demands of our job. As soon as I get back in August my first task will be to customize the forms for Quebec teacher standards. Have a wonderful day tomorrow in beautiful California! I miss it already.
Assistant Principal, English Montreal School Board, Canada

Hi Acacia! 
I’m reading your book Project-Based Learning Across the Disciplines and I saw in an Amazon review that you offered to send the templates if someone emailed you at this address. I am just starting out in PBL and I would love to use them to plan my first unit. Thank you so much! Love the book so far.
Teacher, Bay Shore Schools, New York

+1 Pedagogy Testimonials

“Educators nationwide believe in the general purpose of project-based learning. +1 Pedagogy puts these beliefs into action. This is a transformative framework that is imperative for 21st century teachers and learners.”
Nicole Jacobson, Ed.D., Assistant Principal
Westminster School District, Garden Grove, CA

“What a rich resource and blueprint to guide and support reluctant educators! It takes the daunting task of getting started with project-based learning and makes it manageable. Dr. Warren weaves authentic rigorous tasks with personalized learning and high quality differentiation. This work will bring many stuck learning environments into the 21st century.”
Kendra Wallace, Principal
The Joseph Sears School, Kenilworth, IL

“Through decades of research, we now have the benefit of knowing how to design learning opportunities that engage the brain and result in mastery of content. Putting theory into practice has long been problematic and time is often the biggest barrier to full implementation. We know that project-based learning (PBL) provides a powerful learning environment for students of all ages. However, the everyday life of an educator often slows down the process as we deal with the daily realities of the classroom. This prevents us from harnessing the full power of PBL.
In her book, Dr. Warren provides an integrated framework that crosses grades and disciplines to assist us with the daunting task of organizing the learning for students. Her framework, along with sample lesson designs, technology integration, and rubrics, provides a solid foundation for producing PBL experiences for all students. Dr. Warren has focused on standards, assessments, and instructional practices in a manner that bring all of the essential components of PBL together, thus enhancing the probability that educators will engage students in meaningful learning without the frustration that might otherwise inhibit the decision to implement PBL. Through the careful use of these tools, Dr. Warren’s framework will impact the learning of students and allow for creativity to blossom and ownership to be assumed by supporting both the educator and the learner.”
Deborah Hamm, Ed.D., Superintendent of Schools
Newton USD, Newton, KS

“This book serves as an innovative, interdisciplinary teaching and learning guide. Schools and districts will rethink project-based learning by learning how to seamlessly weave essential 21st century inquiry, application, collaboration and research skills into their curriculum design and prepare students to meet the rigors of a globally competitive society!”
Donna Stewart Lewis, Ed.D., J.D., Founder and CEO
ETHOS Academies, Woodland Hills, CA

“We are at a pivotal time in the history of education, where questions about inequity, accessibility, and bridging the achievement gap undergird the conversations of the political pundits. The dire pronouncements focus on the extent to which current educational practices are not preparing our students to be analytical and critical thinkers. To this end, Project-Based Learning Across the Disciplines: Plan, Manage, and Assess Through +1 Pedagogy has made a tangible contribution to the field of project-based learning.
Dr. Warren has an acute understanding of what it takes to guide our students into becoming autonomous learners with the skill set to work collaboratively in a team setting, skills that are integral in a global economy. For the educator, the lessons, activities and resources remove the guesswork and allow for creativity and individualization. This book is filled with a plethora of topic ideas and transcends mere interdisciplinary conversations while also providing a road-map for students to become difference makers. It takes a critical look at what positive contributions students can make, not only to their immediate neighborhoods, but also to their society and country.”
Ruth Brown, Educator – English Language Arts/English Language Development
Harry Bridges Span School – LAUSD, Wilmington, CA

“As the principal of a middle school, +1 Pedagogy helped build the capacity of my teachers by providing solid instructional tools for students to engage in PBL. Dr. Warren’s book is a step-by-step process for building classroom environments that are rich in learning and guided by PBL. This book is a must for all instructional leaders on a school campus. As we expand STEAM/STEM programs on our campus, we are doing so with hard work, dedication, and Dr. Warren’s guidance on PBL. Her book enables us to use frameworks and models that support our teachers and learners in all classes, from Physical Education to Language Arts, with projects that are models of effective instruction across the content areas.

​This book is helping to bring all departments together by providing interdisciplinary frameworks and rubrics that teachers can use. 

The most valuable sections are the sample frameworks provided because they contain important standards for student mastery that beautifully transition into student inquiry, activities, presentation, assessments, and reflection. Simply stated, +1 Pedagogy allows teachers to let their students create, discuss, design and show mastery of the content being taught by creating a project that prepares students to be college and career ready. Powerful!
+1 Pedagogy is helping to provide the foundational part of a learning environment that assists students in meeting the demands of the 21st century.  Thank you, Acacia Warren, for providing a wealth of tools that are valuable and applicable to teachers and students who engage in PBL.” 
David Herrera, Principal
Enterprise Middle School, Compton, CA

“In her discourse on project-based learning, Dr. Warren accomplishes a work vital to education in the 21st century and beyond. Her concept of +1 Pedagogy is thoughtful and masterful, and provides an invaluable resource for educators. As a post-secondary music educator and online instructor, I applaud her demonstrated passion for bridging the gap across the disciplines at every level, skillfully addressing technology and the arts. Dr. Warren generously provides a universal framework ready for immediate application, and beyond that motivates and inspires us to greatness. Bravo!”
David Shawn Valcárcel, M.M., Music Educator, Author of History of Rock Course Resource Pack
San Bernardino Valley College

“The theories and methodologies in relation to pedagogy are vast, but +1 Pedagogy synthesizes these methods and fosters a healthy disposition towards learning. Dr. Acacia M. Warren is an educator who has sacrificed her time and energy to reform curriculum and academics for teachers and students. This book is designed to provide students with the same level of educational opportunities, despite socioeconomic status. Students are more inclined to learn because they are engaged in topics that interest them. 

Great educators are lifetime learners and 
Project-Based Learning Across the Disciplines: Plan, Manage, and Assess Through +1 Pedagogy offers a series of steps in the direction of solving one of the most important issues facing our modern society – how to help teachers and students become successful in the classrooms of the future.”
John W. Horton, III, English Teacher, Tokyo
Rikkyo (St. Paul’s) Junior & Senior High School at Ikebukero

“I have no doubt that Dr. Warren’s comprehensive, highly-readable, and excellent book will be a standard and sought-after resource for any teacher who strives to implement rigorous, exciting, and real-world project-based learning in their classroom. The tools and scaffolding she outlines in this important book make PBL real and accessible for both beginning teachers and seasoned veterans. I can’t wait to share Project-Based Learning Across the Disciplines with my teacher education candidates. It will be an invaluable tool in helping them to plan, manage, and assess deep and powerful instruction for the 21st Century.”
Elisa Salasin, Ph.D., Program Director
Developmental Teacher Education, University of California, Berkeley

“The lessons and powerpoint presentations in this book clearly describe what students have to do and gives them different ways of learning the subject. Students can be more expressive in how they present their assignments. It may look like a lot of work, but it is the right amount for the student to fully understand the subject. The project-based learning techniques demonstrate active learning rather than passive learning. Active learning challenges students and is a simple yet effective method of teaching.”
Ian Brewer, 10th Grade Student
Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory, San Francisco, CA

“As a student I always ask the question, Why? Why is this assignment important, how will it benefit me, and how do I successfully complete it? The guided presentation and templates demonstrated in the book help me to understand the purpose of a project and eliminate confusion. I know exactly what to research and how to complete the study. If more teachers used this method it would help students achieve a good grade more efficiently. I need to be challenged and prepared for college level work, and this method will help me reach that goal.”
Akemi Williams, 9th Grade Student
Dublin High School, Dublin, CA

“This is a well-researched and thoroughly written guide for implementing +1 Pedagogy. Dr. Warren includes step-by-step guidelines, templates, guiding questions, and other resources that provide teachers with the necessary tools to carry out +1 Pedagogy with success. Additionally, her clearly written text and examples make this book a valuable resource. With the guidance of this book, I can see myself bringing +1 Pedagogy to my classroom.”
Tara Winberry Litt, 5th Grade Teacher
Beverly Hills Unified School District

“Acacia Warren has written an exceptional piece that will improve teaching and the lives of all students. She has been a thoughtful practitioner throughout her career and her research insures more rigorous classrooms for the future. Using research, best practice, and a theoretical framework around learning theory, she has provided the pathway for teachers so that they can create not only powerful learning experiences for them but guarantee that they are prepared for the 21st century. Dr. Warren’s clear guidelines to create a new pedagogy will inform the field for years to come.”
Antonia Issa Lahera, Ed.D., Program Coordinator School Leadership Programs
California State University Dominguez Hills, Director CASLA and ISLI grants

“THIS is what I’ve been waitng for. With +1 Pedagogy, Dr. Warren lays out so clearly a framework for teaching in the 21st century classroom. It is an elevated level of teaching and learning to which I aspire as a teacher, and it is exactly how I want my own children to learn.”
Adreanna Clark, Elementary School Teacher
Kekaha Elementary School, Kekaha, HI

“An effective mathematics program requires students to collaboratively engage in making sense and reasoning about meaningful mathematics through real world contexts. Although the enormous challenge of connecting mathematics to authentic 21st century experiences can become a reality through project-based learning, many math teachers have yet to embrace this approach because it can be difficult to implement. Dr. Warren’s book on +1 Pedagogy provides an invaluable framework and practical resources that address PBL management and organization, technology implementation, and the Mathematical Practices through incorporating high cognitively demanding tasks. Mathematics teachers and leaders looking to achieve effective and relevant math instruction should make +1 Pedagogy a key part of their daily planning.”
Travis L. Holden, Secondary Mathematics Coordinator, Local District Central
Los Angeles Unified School District